FKA Twigs's Wedding Demands May Scare Off Robert Pattinson for Good

You just can't make some brides happy, not even famous ones. Rumors are circulating that the wedding between FKA Twigs and Robert Pattinson may not happen, and it's all because of her unfair demands.


We previously reported that FKA put the kibosh on allowing Rob to invite former flame Kristen Stewart to their big day, as well as anyone from the Twilight cast. And we can't help but agree that it may cause the typically laid-back actor to say enough's enough.

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Is anyone else getting major Friends vibes here? Like when Emily wouldn't allow Ross to invite Rachel to their wedding? It wasn't cool, and neither is this.

I mean, sure, every bride wants to be comfortable at her own wedding, but to force Rob to leave out so many important people in his life is asking a lot. Plus, if these are the accusations we're hearing about, think of what other demands might exist that haven't been aired to the public.

We'll see if this wedding actually happens. I'm going to be sitting at the edge of my seat until it does.


Image via TMNY/Splash News

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