20 Times Kate Middleton Proved Nobody Looks Better in a Hat Than Her

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kate middleton hat
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While Kate Middleton's hair is shiny and incredible, we still love seeing part of it covered up in a hat ... because, well, nobody wears a hat quite like the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate's a mix of Mary Tyler Moore and Diane Keaton --  and yet, still has a style all her own. Her royal obligations require her to be dressed to the nines at all times, and this of course, means head accessories. And not just any accessory, this means perfectly crafted hats made by the most exclusive milliners.  


Her hats have that British flair, of course. They seem to come with a cuppa and are often paired with a pastel. But Kate goes bold with her headpieces as well. She knows how to mix it up, and part of being an icon style figure is knowing when to be a little out there and when to tone it down. It's all about the occasion, after all!

So, whether she's at a royal engagement with the queen or just out with her handsome husband Prince William, Kate has the right hat for the event. We'd give anything to take a look inside that glorious closet of hers. But alas, we must wait until she decides to grace us with another hatted look. We can be patient -- but not for long!

If you can't wait for the next time the duchess steps out in a fabulous hat, we've assembled some of her best accessorized moments for your viewing pleasure. 

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