Did Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Pull Off the Sneakiest Wedding of All Time?

Oh to be famous, in love, and totally secretive! It appears as though Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux finally tied the knot, and in a pretty private way.


TMZ obtained what looks like aerial shots of the scene (or maybe some ambitious photog hiding in a tree) at the couple's Bel Air manse, and it certainly looks as though there was a wedding-like party going on.

Jen, who had been engaged to Justin for three years, allegedly told pals she was throwing a 44th birthday for her man but, surprise, it turns out she was really about to walk down the aisle.

Some dead giveaways? The arrival of a man who looks an awful lot like a minister, and a wedding cake.

Guests in attendance included Chelsea Handler, Ellen DeGeneres, Howard Stern, Sia, Lisa Kudrow, and John Krasinski.

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My favorite detail revealed about the probable nuptials? That the cake didn't have your usual cookie-cutter bride and groom as a topper, but puppets instead. I love it!

I, for one, could not be happier for Jen and Justin. Not only do I love a good wedding, but I'm super excited that now people can stop harassing them about when they'll finally set a date. Because they did. You just didn't know about it.


Image via Splash News

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