Queen Elizabeth Reportedly Wants to Turn Kate Middleton Into a Total Cash Cow

If you believe the tabloids, Queen Elizabeth is reportedly ordering Kate Middleton back to work -- and wants her to ditch her stay-at-home-mom status as soon as possible. (Poor girl just can't catch a break.)


When the duchess first joined the family, there was so much intrigue surrounding her that the sales of royal souvenirs and interest in the palace skyrocketed, bringing in boatloads of cash for the monarchy. But ever since Kate has settled into her royal role, curiosity has apparently diminished, and that means the Queen wants Kate to step up her game and get out there and bring home the bacon.

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Unhappy with Kate's decision to spend more time with Prince George and Princess Charlotte (who is only 3 months old, in case you haven't been keeping track), Queen Elizabeth is reportedly ordering the new mom to start fulfilling more royal obligations. She's even dubbed her the "Duchess of Do Nothing."

That seems a bit harsh, don't you think?

"Urgent repairs" required at Buckingham Palace are cited as another reason Kate needs to start pounding the pavement, in a matter of speaking.

Personally, I find it hard to believe that Prince William would ask Kate to leave the kids just to appear at more public engagements. Sure, his mother Princess Diana did a world of good helping those in need, but it's not like she was ever Queen Elizabeth's favorite either.

Plus, Kate has a lifetime to get more involved in charity work. Right now she has two children under the age of three. If she has the ability to stay home with them more and thinks that's what's best for her family, shouldn't she have the right to turn down royal appearances?

I think so, but I guess that's why I'm not the Queen.


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