Kristen Stewart Schools Jesse Eisenberg on What It’s Like to Be a Woman in Hollywood (VIDEO)

Whenever I watch interviews with famously awkward Kristen Stewart or chronically anxious Jesse Eisenberg my shoulders ache from all the cringing. So what happens when Stewart and Eisenberg interview each other -- with "accidentally" swapped questions? 


So much discomfort.

The stars of American Ultra grilled each other in a mock interview for Funny or Die that should change celeb interviews forever after. (But it probably won't!) When Stewart asked her male costar the kinds of overly intimate and inane questions she usually gets asked, Eisenberg starts to lose it. 

"Do you have any favorite designers?"

"Are you seeing anyone at the moment?"

"Are you pregnant now?"

"Do you get any work done?" (She gestures to her face.) "Like, do you use a peel to look vibrant and young?"

"What about your boobs? Do they ever accidentally slip out and is that really funny and awkward or do you kind of do that on purpose to get attention?"

Inside Eisenberg's head there is only a high-pitched scream. I think he may be in physical pain here, actually. 

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He's even subjected to the new red-carpet staple (which many actresses are now boycotting): the "Manicam."

Nailed it!

"Is this not how they usually go for you?" Stewart asks disingenuously. Apparently she's the one who swapped their question cards. Poor Jesse! He's so confused.

Meanwhile, Eisenberg asks Stewart a series of questions so easy they border on stupid, like, "what's your favorite sports team?" When he asks, "Did you ever get aroused during your sex scene with Jesse?" Stewart's deadpan response is delicious.

You get the point, of course. Stewart and Eisenberg are lampooning the sexism of celeb interview questions -- and cracking us up at the same time. Well played, you two!

Some of the questions are so absurd I have to think they must be actual questions Stewart has fielded in real life. 

This isn't just about the indignity suffered by actresses, though. The kinds of questions women get asked by the media reflects -- and shapes -- the way we see all women. Dingbat journalists who do this are officially on notice.


Images via Funny or Die

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