'90s Teen Heartthrobs Who Look Awful Now (PHOTOS)

Michele Marin | Aug 8, 2015 Celebrities
'90s Teen Heartthrobs Who Look Awful Now (PHOTOS)

Admit it. You tore out the pictures of all your crushes in Tiger Beat magazine and either A) hung them on your wall in your bedroom or B) hung them inside your locker. There may have even been a "Mrs. Fatone" scribbled in your notebook. Don't worry, I won't judge (I was doing the same thing). Do you ever wonder what these one-time heartthrobs look like today?


It's sad to say not all teen heartthrobs fared well. We found a few that are definitely long past their prime. Check 'em out!

Image © Fox News

  • Then: Jason London


    Image via Gramercy Pictures

    Jason and his identical twin brother, Jeremy, not only shared '90s heartthrob status, they also appeared together in an episode of 7th Heaven. But Jason had his own Hollywood career, including a role as Randall "Pink" Floyd in Dazed and Confused.

  • Now: Jason London


    Image via Fox News Phoenix

    Is that you, Jason? Both Jason and his twin brother, Jeremy, made headlines more for their behavior off-screen than on. Most notably was Jason's arrest in 2013 after a bar room brawl in Arizona.

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  • Then: Joey Fatone


    Image via TV Tropes

    As a member of one of the first boy bands that stormed the '90s, Fatone rose to stardom with NSYNC. Who didn't know every word of "Bye, Bye, Bye"? Hard to believe Fatone started out working at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.  

  • Now: Joey Fatone


    Image @ Victoria Bouloubasis/This Feeds Me

    Life is still busy for the former boy band member, though he certainly hasn't kept up with his looks. Professionally he's done everything from Dancing with the Stars to hosting Family Feud. By the looks of this pic, he should keep up the dancing.

  • Then: Edward Furlong


    Image via TriStar Pictures

    There was something about the hair over his eyes that gave Furlong a sexy edge. He scored his big break back in 1991 as the young John Connor in Terminator 2. Only 13 when he played the role, stardom came quickly for the young actor, and his quirky good looks landed him in a slew of teen magazines. 

  • Now: Edward Furlong


    Image © MSA/Splash News/Corbis

    Three years after starring in Terminator 2, Furlong turned to heroin and cocaine. He's since served time in both rehab and jail, and his career has never recovered, which might explain why he looks so disheveled.

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  • Then: Andrew Keegan


    Image via Touchstone Pictures

    7th Heaven and Party of Five sure produced their fair share of teen idols in the '90s. Remember dreamy Andrew Keegan as Mary's on-again, off-again boyfriend, Wilson West? Keegan also starred on the big screen in 10 Things I Hate About You and The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy

  • Now: Andrew Keegan


    Image © Krista Kennell/Corbis

    Looking weirdly thin and washed out, Keegan has been exploring his spiritual side lately. The actor started his own religion, Full Circle. As part of the spiritual practice of Full Circle, followers drink kombucha, which led to him getting busted for selling the illegal beverage made of tea, yeast and bacteria (gross). Keegan claims he was not aware he was violating the law. 

  • Then: Josh Hartnett


    Image via Miramax Films

    This hottie burst onto the scene in the '90s in films such as The Faculty and The Virgin Suicides, then stole more hearts in Pearl Harbor a couple of years later. There was something so sexy about his dark looks and sultry eyes. 

  • Now: Josh Hartnett


    Image © Rick Wilking/Reuters/Corbis

    Well, we all age, but what's with the hair? Some guys look good scruffy, but Hartnett looked way hotter when he was more pulled together. Although his girlfriend, Tamsin Egerton, doesn't mind. The two recently announced they're expecting a child. In the case of life imitating art, the two actors played love interests in the film, Lovers.

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  • Then: Zachery Ty Bryan


    Image via ABC

    This former Home Improvement hottie and his on-screen brother, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, had girls setting their VCRs to record the show. Bryan was also featured on his share of teen magazines. 

  • Now: Zachery Ty Bryan


    Image via Allen Berezovsky/WireImage/Getty Images

    Grown-up Bryan looks more like an average Joe than a pin-up. These days his primary role is dad to twin girls with wife, Carly Matros. 

  • Then: Jeremy London


    Image via Fox News

    Who didn't have a crush on Griffin Holbrook? Every teenage girl in the '90s was jealous of Julia Salinger on Party of Five. London later went on to star in 7th Heaven, where we continued to crush on him. His twin brother, Jason, was another 90's heartthrob. But what about now?

  • Now: Jeremy London


    Image © Paul Mounce/Corbis


    His hard-partying ways eventually got him written off 7th Heaven. From there, London's life was a downward spriral of drugs, rehab (Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, to be exact), and an instance where he says he was kidnapped and forced to smoke crack. It seems London has since traded the drama of Hollywood for life on the farm. He was recently featured on an episode of Wife Swap

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