Kendall Jenner & Nick Jonas Are Reportedly Dating ... Sort Of

Forget Keeping Up With the Kardashians, it's next to impossible to keep up with the love lives of the famous Jenner sisters. According to Us Weekly, Kendall Jenner is dating Nick Jonas, courtesy of a setup by her bestie, Gigi Hadid.


It's common knowledge at this point that Gigi is dating Joe Jonas, so I'm not entirely surprised the supermodel is trying to make a love connection happen between Kendall and Nick.

Supposedly Gigi wants her best gal pal around all of the time, which is why she's adamant this work out for Kendall. I mean, think of the double dates!

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The initial intro happened at a nightclub in Las Vegas, which I think of more as the city of the hookup rather than the city of love, but to each his or her own.

Because Kendall and Nick are both crazy busy with their smokin'-hot careers, getting to know each other in person is not exactly an option at the moment. So these two crazy kids are coupling up the way any good millennials do - via text. Of course, an "insider" insists that once things heat up a little more between them, we'll be seeing all sorts of lovey-dovey photos in no time.

Ah, to be young, gorgeous, and single.


Image via Splash News

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