Insider Spills Secrets of Kate Middleton & Prince William's Luxurious Island Vacations

They may be royals, but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge like to vacation just like the rest of us, albeit on a super-exclusive luxury island. So how do Prince William and Princess Kate act when they get away from it all? Celebrity jeweler Martin Katz spilled his run-ins with Kate and William on the island of Mustique to People, and what he had to say is pretty interesting, to say the least.


Don't you just love folks who aren't afraid to share a good royal story?!

He recounts:

I was standing at the [hotel] bar ordering one of the fancy drinks and Kate actually came up to the bar and was quite pleasant and chatty. She couldn't be more friendly and more open.

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the embarrassing when Martin met Wills.

We started talking about scuba diving. They had gone that day or the day before, and while I was talking, I was holding a glass of fruit punch and it slipped from my hand and crashed to the floor and sprayed all over the prince's feet. He was in flip-flops.

Well that's surely a red-in-the-face-moment. But Martin says Prince William was kind and understanding about the whole incident.

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Apparently Kate goes virtually makeup-free while on vacay, and the duo trades in their more formal royal garb for relaxing clothes while away from the palace.

Isn't it nice to hear that Kate and William can act like a quasi-normal couple for at least a few days out of the year? I always knew they were fun and down-to-earth. Now if I could just get them to invite me to their next dinner party.


Image via Ian Vogler/NMA-Pool

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