Kristen Stewart's Claim That She Actually Smiles is True (Sort Of)

kristen stewartBig, BIG Kristen Stewart news, guys: The famously sullen Twilight star and unwanted wedding guest may be known for her lovely "resting b*tch face," but in a recent interview, Kristen Stewart swears she actually smiles. Like, all the time. She's really, really happy, okay??


As 25-year-old Stewart explained to fellow actress Juliette Lewis in Elle UK's 2015 September issue, she's not really the dour emo chick everybody makes her out to be.

 "The whole smiling thing is weird because I actually smile a lot," said Stewart. "I literally want to be like, 'Dude, you would think I was cool if you got to know me.'"

Hey, KStew, it's not like smiling = cool. (Oftentimes the opposite, right?) Or maybe when she said "cool," she just meant "cool to hang out with." Either way, she seems to think it's a big problem that her reputation is neither shiny nor happy, and that it's really, really important for people to know that she "smiles a lot," so we went looking for proof. Does Kristen Stewart, in fact, "smile a lot"? Well, that depends on your definition of smile.

Like, this is sort of a smile, right? I mean, her teeth are showing.

kristen stewart

And she's looking almost happy here, hanging out and having a smoke with pal Chloë Sevigny. Chloë must have just said something really funny!

kristen stewart, chloe sevigny

Uhhh, not really entirely sure what's going on in the shot below. Is she making some sort of gang-specific hand signal? Whatever it is, she seems almost kind of amused. Like, that's technically a smile, right??

kristen stewart

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This is what's called "smiling with your eyes," people.

kristen stewart

Okay, this one's really a smile -- right?? Isn't the corner of her mouth almost definitely upturned there? Pretty sure that's as close as this girl gets to a grin!

kristen stewart

See, KStew? We got your back. We're totally helping you dispel the myth that you never, ever smile. See that? You're welcome! Look, here's a smiley face :) 

(Ahem, that's what a smiley face looks like for future reference. You're welcome again!)


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