Kevin Bacon Makes Passionate Plea for More Male Nudity in Movies (VIDEO)

free the baconActor Kevin Bacon is really, really into male nudity. Or perhaps we should say, the lack thereof in movies and TV is sort of a pet peeve of his. Oh, and while we're on the topic of what's wrong with movies? Kevin Bacon also thinks he would've made a better lead in Fifty Shades of Grey


See, there's a problem in movies and TV today, the way Bacon sees it -- and that problem is too little male nudity. 

"In so many films and TV shows, we see gratuitous female nudity, and it's not OK," says Bacon in the pro–naked men PSA below.

"Well, it's OK, but it's not fair to actresses and it's not fair to actors because we want to be naked too. Gentlemen, it's time to free the bacon." 

"By bacon, of course, I mean your wiener, your balls, and your butt," he goes on. "Game of Thrones -- you got three sex scenes an episode; how hard would it be to just show one or two wieners every couple of minutes? This is an issue of gender equality. Let me be on the show, come on! I'll play a naked wizard or something."

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But Bacon isn't content to stop at GoT -- #freethebacon is a principle he feels should have been applied to the filming of Fifty Shades of Grey, too:

"I heard that you never even see it ... why not let Jamie Dornan take off his pants?"

Although he actually thinks the real issue with Fifty Shades was the casting:

"Or better yet, let me play Christian Grey. We’ll do the whole movie in one long close-up of my penis."

Now that's what I call Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon!! (Not sure what that joke means, but never mind.) Check out the whole crazy thing right here:

Wow, I never realized Kevin Bacon's eyes were so blue, did you? Anyway, not really the point. Point here is, Kevin has a point! Which is: MORE. MALE. NUDITY. Like he says, it's only fair. And also, Kevin Bacon for Christian Grey! Hey, why not? He's clearly up for it.

Um, poor choice of words?


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