Ben Affleck's Nanny Is Giving Us Some Creepy 'Gone Girl' Vibes

ben affleckAs much as we really didn't want to believe the rumors, a recent pic of Ben Affleck and his nanny, Christine Ouzounian, seems to suggest that the two really are having an affair -- and that Ouzounian might be the one tipping off the paparazzi! Is this Gone Girl in real life??


We already heard about 42-year-old Affleck's alleged meet-up with 28-year-old Ouzounian at his L.A. rental house on July 17, which was suspicious enough, but now that there are pics of the fateful encounter showing the extremely cheerful-looking actor coming out to meet his ex-nanny (who was driving his Lexus!!), well ... it's getting harder and harder to shrug the whole thing off. Plus, both Affleck and Ouzounian are smiling and laughing in the shots, and Ouzounian apparently spent two hours at the rental house after handing Affleck a mysterious pink box. Ruh-roh.

Of course none of that is proof positive of an affair -- Ouzounian was allegedly using Ben's car to run errands earlier in the day, so maybe she was just dropping off some cupcakes or something (what else comes in pink boxes?!) -- but a source did tell ET that the nanny tipped off paparazzi about the encounter, and from the way Ouzounian is turning her face toward the cameras and smiling, it does seem as if she knew the paps were there. And what exactly were they doing for two hours?

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Look, maybe Ouzounian was merely helping Ben to organize his closets or sort the recycling, but, um, probably not. And either way, if she really did tip the paparazzi off, that's pretty scary -- did Ben not watch his own movie?? Does he not know that you have to be really careful about who you get involved with because they might turn out to be opportunistic psychos?! Not that I'm trying to say Ouzounian is a psycho, or even that she's opportunistic, but the whole thing is a bit worrisome. Especially considering that "multiple sources" claim the nanny talked up the alleged affair to her friends, bragging about their trysts at the Hotel Bel-Air. (Even if Ben is really the one at fault here, considering he's the one who was married when they allegedly got together, not Ouzounian.) Still, Ouzounian has been looking extra camera-ready lately:

christine ouzounian

Unsurprisingly, Jennifer Garner is reportedly more disgusted with Affleck than ever since all of this nanny stuff blew up, and won't even return his texts (unless they're kid-related). Sources say Garner knew about the affair already, but all this recent attention has just been too much:

"Discovering the extent of Ben's relationship with Christine completely changed things."

One thing's for sure: If Affleck and Ouzounian really ARE an item, that's gonna be pretty confusing for the kids! (Or convenient? This is so weird!)


Images via Mariotto/Chiva/ News

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