Kylie Jenner's Flat Tummy Secret Is So Easy It's Crazy (PHOTO)

kylie jennerMan, the youngest Jenner kiddo is spilling all of her secrets lately. First, she shared how she gets her shapely butt (hint, it's a magic cream). And now, Kylie Jenner is revealing her secret to a flat tummy. She's so candid!


In a recent Instagram post, Kylie claims that her amazing bod is thanks to some tea. Lyfe tea, to be more specific. And, it in no way seems like a completely rehearsed advertisement. NOT.

Clearly, this is a promotion -- and clearly tons of Kylie's 30+ million followers will actually go out and buy this stuff, which is a tad unsettling (but genius on Lyfe Tea's part).

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Being that Kylie isn't even 18 yet (and has good genes!), I don't think she needs a detox tea in order to have her stomach look toned and flat. I'm sure it doesn't hurt, but come on now, Kylie. That's not the sole secret behind your hot bod. 

I'm sure Kylie was offered a pretty penny to post this photo to Instagram, so you can't really blame her for doing it. But, maybe next time she can try something that seems a little more nonchalant. Talk about staged!

Tsk, tsk, Kylie. Tsk, tsk. 


Images via kyliejenner/Instagram

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