Kristen Stewart & the ‘Twilight’ Gang Aren’t Expected at Rob Pattinson’s Wedding & It’s All FKA Twigs’ Fault

robert pattinson, fka twigsIt's a challenge nearly every engaged couple faces: Whether or not any exes should be present on the big day. In fact, it's a challenge Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs are facing right now -- and rumor has it FKA Twigs refuses to invite the Twilight cast members to the wedding!


According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, FKA is apparently putting her foot down when it comes to their guest list, with RPattz's bride-to-be absolutely refusing to include Kristen Stewart or anybody else involved with the vampire film series that put Rob on the map. Meanwhile, Rob himself seems to have finally made peace with the global teen heartthrob portion of his career. In fact, he was recently quoted as saying:

"The success of Twilight is something special that I will never regret. Since I started this career I am trying to improve myself, to challenge myself with different roles compared to those I have already interpreted. If in 10 years they will speak of me still just as 'the one from Twilight,' the blame will be mine alone."

If that's the case, it seems sort of sad that none of his Twilight pals will be allowed at the wedding. I mean, it was something special, he said. He will never regret it, he said! Shouldn't the people from that very special time in his life be there to witness one of the most special days of his life??

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On the other hand, If I'm being completely honest here, I don't really blame Twigs for not wanting Kristen Stewart at the wedding. Only a very special kind of saint-type person can claim to truly not care about having their betrothed's exes at the wedding. Or at least that's the way I feel about it. I'm just saying, if I were about to marry Robert Pattinson, I'd be like, You can stay home with your sad self, KStew! Had your chance, bee-yotch!

Of course, that's just me (and maybe you). Maybe if we were better people we'd be more benevolent about the whole thing. Or maybe it really would be inappropriate to include Bella in this post-Twilight shebang. 

I guess we'll find out if this wedding ever actually happens!


Image via Steffman-Turgeon / Splash News

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