Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale’s Split Gives Entirely New Meaning to Their Lyrics -- Well, Maybe

gavin rossdale, gwen stefaniNow that Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have confirmed they're getting a divorce, legions of dejected fans want to know: How are we supposed to listen to their music now and not get really, really sad?


It hardly matters that many of Rossdale and Stefani's biggest hits were recorded long before the split (or before they even got together). Their often love-centric lyrics will make us think about the tragic demise of their relationship forevermore! Read on for just a brief sampling of song snippets that will never be the same again:

1. "Don't Speak" (1996)

You and me/We used to be together/Every day together always/I really feel/That I'm losing my best friend/I can't believe this could be the end

Awwwww! They USED TO BE TOGETHER, you guys!! Don't tell me, okay? 'Cause it hurts.

2. "Hollaback Girl" (2005)

I heard that you were talking shit/And you didn't think that I would hear it/People hear you talking like that, getting everybody fired up/So I'm ready to attack, gonna lead the pack

Who's talking shit, Gwen?? Gavin's girl-on-the-side?? Is that what we're being led to believe here??

3. "Just a Girl" (1995)

Take this pink ribbon off my eyes/I'm exposed and it's no big surprise/Don't you think I know exactly where I stand/This world is forcing me to hold your hand

Whoa, whoa. We had no idea Gwen felt so repressed in her marriage!! Wait, this was written way before Gavin. Who cares, we're still gonna make it about their relationship in our heads!

4. "Rich Girl" (2004)

All the riches, baby, won't mean anything/All the riches, baby, bring what your love can bring/All the riches, baby, won't mean anything/Don't need no other baby/Your lovin' is better than gold and I know

Oh but Gwen, as it turned out, you WILL need another baby. Ouch.

5. "Hella Good" (2002)

A performance deserving of standing ovations/And who would have thought it'd be the two of us/So don't wake me if I'm dreaming/'Cause I'm in the mood, come on and give it up

Hey, what do you mean, a performance? Are you implying that your entire marriage was a sham, Gwen Stefani?!

6. "Hey Baby" (2001)

I’m just sippin' on chamomile/Watching boys and girls and their sex appeal/With a stranger in the face who says he knows my mom/And went to my high school

Aha! Maybe Gwen cheated on Gavin with her high school sweetheart!! (Hang on, wasn't her high school sweetheart in No Doubt? Never mind, this is getting complicated.)

7. "Cool" (2005)

We used to think it was impossible/Now you call me by my new last name/Memories seem like so long ago/Time always kills the pain

Wait, maybe Gwen really IS carrying a torch for her old flame! Sure sounds like it in this song, right?

8. "Underneath it All" (2002)

You know some real bad tricks/And you need some discipline/But, lately you've been trying real hard/And giving me your best

Uh-oh, Gavin needs some discipline, does he? "Trying real hard" doesn't always cut it!

9. "Simple Kind of Life" (2000)

For a long time I was in love/Not only in love, I was obsessed/With a friendship that no one else could touch/It didn't work out, I'm covered in shells

I just can't even.

And now, for good measure, a lyric from Rossdale's band Bush:

10. "Everything Zen" (1994)

There must be something we can eat/Maybe find another lover/Should I fly to Los Angeles/Find my asshole brother

Hmm, maybe these two didn't actually have that much to talk about after all.


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