Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick's Breakup Just Got a Whole Lot Uglier

kourtney kardashianUh-oh. Things are getting ugly. The last we heard, Kourtney Kardashian wants to share custody with her estranged baby daddy so her kids can have a father, so we assumed their breakup was, for all intents and purposes, somewhat amicable. Yeah, not so much. After learning that Kourt hired celeb divorce attorney Lauren Wasser, Scott Disick has lawyered up as well -- and he's going after "his" money, guns blazing.


According to a Kardashian insider, "Scott is ready to fight her for what he believes is half his. And he may be right. Kourtney knows that Scott carried the storyline for years and he is now using this as ammo with her." They added, "He has told her that if he wasn’t drunk then they wouldn’t have kept everyone’s attention for so long."

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While Scott may have a (very small) point, is he serious? Of course he's entitled to money, but is this honestly his platform? That he deserves it because he was drunk? Also, has he forgotten that no one would have any clue who he is if it weren't for Kourtney? Ridiculous.

Things may have remained civil thus far between the two, but if and when they head into court and start fighting tooth and nail over money, things are going to get ugly real fast -- and it's a shame, because there are three kids involved.

Hopefully, Kourtney and Scott will find some sort of way to not hate each other's guts by the time everything is said and done. But, we all know how things get when money enters the equation. Here's to hoping, though!


Image via kourtneykardash/Instagram

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