New Royal Portraits Show a Side of Prince William We've Never Seen Before

kate middleton prince william
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It's Prince William as you've never seen him! A series of new portraits of several members of the royal family have just been released, and they're about as royal as royal gets!


The Prince William we see in this new portrait (to be featured in an exhibition at London art gallery Eleven) isn't the casual dad or the sporty scuba diver -- he's the Prince with a capital "P." And why not? Once upon a time, the word "royalty" meant crowns and capes, thrones and scepters. In these modern times, even fancy occasions for the royal family seldom warrant more than a nice suit and/or a fascinator. (Don't get us wrong, everybody looked amazing at Charlotte's christening, but still!) That's what makes these latest, very regal pics so interesting, at least in my opinion. Are you ready for this? 

prince william uniform
Hugo Rittson Thomas/Royal Household/Getty Images

That hat! Those gloves! Those shiny, shiny shoes! Apparently British photographer Hugo Rittson Thomas pulled off this Plenty o' Princes effect by using a technique that involves the use of a mirror to show the subject from all four sides, and William's dapper coat isn't just a coat, it's a "frockcoat" for the Irish Guards. (Which makes sense, because the portrait was taken at the St. Patrick's Day parade where the Duke of Cambridge presented the Irish Guards with the shamrock.)

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Queen Elizabeth is looking pretty snazzy in her pic, too:

queen elizabeth
Hugo Rittson Thomas/Royal Household/Getty Images

Lady in red! Is dancing with ... nobody at the moment, but doesn't she look great! And for good measure, here's one of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall:

camilla parker bowles
Hugo Rittson Thomas/Royal Household/Getty Images

Hey, who doesn't love Camilla! Um, never mind. If only there was a shot of Kate Middleton! Anyway, the point here is really that Prince William looks goooooood when he's all dressed up. And that someday hopefully someone will dress Prince George up in the same outfit and take a picture. Can't wait!

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