Kim Kardashian's Bump Is Bigger Than Ever -- Even North Looks Surprised (PHOTOS)

kim kardashian, mason disick, north westThis could be the biggest moment yet in Kardashian Bumpwatch 2015 -- literally! An expectant Kim Kardashian was spotted taking daughter North West and nephew Mason Disick to a birthday party this weekend, and the 34-year-old has clearly entered the unwieldy phase of pregnancy!


It's a struggle literally any mother can relate to -- particularly any mom who's ever faced the challenge of wrangling a toddler while pregnant. As a mother of three, I totally feel for Kim here (even if it is secretly sort of nice to know that all the money and bling in the world won't help when The Bump starts taking over!).

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Just check out Kim's all-too-familiar Walk of Pain:

First she's all like, "Hey, I've got this! Baby girl on my hip, bag in hand, I'm all good!"

kim kardashian, north west

Then -- oh no! -- North decides it's time to get wiggly with it.

kim kardashian, north west

Look out, little girl! Mama can't be wrasslin' with you like she used to. Luckily, the all-powerful goodie bag eventually saved the day.

kim kardashian, north west

But a traumatized mommy can't help clutching at her belly anyway. And I can't say I blame her! She's got a lot on her plate right now! Still, I'm confident she can handle the extra pressure -- after all, she has plenty of help, and she's no doubt learned a thing or two from her first preggers rodeo (note the low-heeled shoes she's wearing!). 

Of course, that bump is only gonna get bigger. Good luck, Kim!


Images via Jacson / Photographer Group / Splash News

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