Kate Middleton Angry That Queen Elizabeth Skipped Prince George's Birthday -- Who Can Blame Her?

There has been major tension among the royal family lately -- and a great deal of it revolves around rumors that Queen Elizabeth is not happy with Kate Middleton and feels she is ignoring her royal responsibilities. Still, the Duchess of Cambridge reportedly believes that's no excuse for the Queen to miss Prince George's second birthday party and she's furious.


Kate, Prince Will, and Kate's family planned a birthday bash at their home in Amner Hall in late July to celebrate George's second birthday. They decided to keep things fairly intimate this year and there's even talk that Kate took care of several details by herself, which I'm guessing is unheard of if you come from royal stock.

While Prince Charles and Camilla were reportedly unable to make it because they had royal duties, and Prince Harry was busy with charity work in Namibia, Queen Elizabeth simply didn't show up -- and Kate apparently believes she snubbed the event because she disapproves of her and her family, possibly because they are commoners.

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My first thought when I read this was: Holy cow, give the woman a break -- she's 89 years old -- maybe her feet hurt that day. Perhaps she woke up and was too tired to make it to the party. At her age, you have to allow for the possibility that she simply won't feel up to it. But it doesn't help the Queen's case that her 94-year-old husband Prince Philip reportedly attended the party.

I want to believe a great-grandmother isn't capable of being anything other than warm and loving, but the Queen often comes off as standoffish. I can picture her rolling her eyes this very minute as she learns about Kate's advanced diving certification. At the moment, it seems like there's no love lost between these two -- here's hoping they can get past their differences so that neither George nor Charlotte suffers.


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