Caitlyn Jenner Breaks Her Silence on Rumors About Her Love Life

She's becoming more comfortable with her new identity by the day, but there are still several hurdles she needs to overcome. Everyone has been wondering what is going on between Caitlyn Jenner and Candis Cayne — are they friends, lovers, potential lovers? — and she made her feelings for Cayne clear on last night's episode of I Am Cait.


Since Jenner came out as female this summer, fellow transgender model and actress Cayne seems to be right there by her side any time she needs support. Naturally, given their obvious fondness for each other, some have questioned whether there is more going on between them than just friendship. While preparing for a fun road trip with friends and picking out swimsuits — a task that proved extremely difficult for the self-conscious 65-year-old former Olympian — Jenner admitted she was looking for something "sexy" that she could wear to impress Cayne.

Jenner then confessed she thinks Cayne is "a very attractive lady" and then said, "But as far as dating and the future, I have absolutely no idea."

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It's possible Jenner is interested in Cayne but not ready to take that next step. It's also possible that Cayne is already in a relationship or not interested. This isn't the first time the public misinterpreted one of Jenner's close relationships with an attractive transgender woman. With Jenner first came out, some folks believed she and Ronda Kamihira were an item — in reality, Kamihira, who was Kris Jenner's former assistant, was one of the first people Jenner confided in before she transitioned. She and Cayne may be little more than confidantes and great friends.

Though, I have to admit, I don't know many people who worry about picking out sexy swimsuits for their BFFs. Time will tell.


Image via Clint Brewer/Splash News

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