Miranda Lambert Looks to Shania Twain for Post-Divorce Support

shania twain miranda lambertWhen going through a divorce, one thing is very important -- support. Thankfully Miranda Lambert has that support in Shania Twain, another woman who has been through it and can offer advice and, most importantly, a kind ear. The country superstars shared a sweet hug, and even took in a concert together.


Shania's concert, that is. Miranda, 31, was at Shania's show in Nashville on Saturday and she fittingly posted a photo of Twain in action with a hastag that read #musicismedicine. She is so right.

Shania Twain. Fringe Saddle. That's All. #nashville #girlsnight #rockthiscountry #badass #musicismedicine

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This is exactly what Miranda needs right now. She needs to get out of the house, and surround herself with love and things that make her happy. Still, I bet a lot of those songs brought tears to Miranda's eyes. Shania isn't shy about letting emotions out in her lyrics. It must have been quite an evening. And I hope it empowered Miranda during this tough time. I bet she sang many of Shania's songs at the top of her lungs.

Miranda and Blake seem to have the most amicable breakup ever -- if you look at their friendly banter online. A little weird. And while they might be getting along just fine as exes, it doesn't make the split any easier. They were married for four years -- and as with many things, it's going to take a lot of time to heal. And, as I mentioned, support.

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While I will guess that Blake is leaning on his buddy Adam Levine during this time (because, of course), Miranda thankfully has some great girlfriends to help her through. Shania, who went through a divorce after 15 years of marriage, is probably such a source of comfort for Miranda to assure her that things are going to get better, and while it may be hard right now, all is going to be just fine.


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