Khloe Kardashian Reveals the Inspiring Details of Her Recent Weight Loss

khloe kardashianIf your jaw is still on the floor from seeing Khloe Kardashian's uber-hot cover of Complex magazine, you're not alone -- and you're not seeing things! The third Kardashian sister just revealed exactly how much weight she lost recently, and well, get ready for that jaw to drop again!


On the Australian radio show Fitzy and Weppa, Khloe talked about what a huge part of her life working out has become, and how even an exhausting trip to another continent can't keep her out of the gym these days:

"It wasn't that intense here because I'm still jet-lagged, but I make sure that I go [to the gym]," she said. "Even [after] 30 minutes you feel, 'Okay, I feel good about myself.' Then if you want to eat something or whatever, then you don't feel as bad. Definitely when I'm in L.A., I go hard, and I've lost like 35 pounds."

Whoa! 35 pounds is a lot of weight on somebody who was already in pretty great shape to begin with. But I'm not surprised. Relevant personal anecdote: I saw Khloe in person a few months at BookCon in NYC, and was completely blown away by how tiny she was (and, to be perfectly honest, how gravity-defyingly ridiculous her booty looked -- it's a natural wonder of the world, that thing!). I can't even imagine her being in better shape than she is now, and I'm so happy to hear that her sleek physique is the result of a faulous fitness regime instead of too much work/stress. 

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Not that she needed to lose weight, of course. Kardashian has always looked amazing, in my book -- but there's definitely a new glow to the girl these days. Maybe it's confidence, maybe it's a result of feeling comfortable in her own skin, but it seems like an undeniably positive thing. I'm sure we'll hear more about it in her upcoming book, Strong Looks Better Naked (the reason why she was at BookCon in the first place). Until then, we'll have to find inspiration in tweets like this one:

Looking good, girl! 

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