Just Because Ben Affleck's Nanny Looks Amazing Doesn't Mean She's Guilty (PHOTO)

ben afflckBen Affleck and Jennifer Garner's former nanny (and Affleck's alleged current flame) seems to be adapting to her new life in the spotlight well: According to Page Six, Christine Ouzounian has hired a PR team and is posing for paparazzi like a pro. But does that mean the rumors are true?


Since the buzz over Ouzounian's possible affair with her former boss, the 28-year-old au pair has kicked the glam factor up a notch, making sure not to leave her L.A. home without a perfect blowout, famous-person sunglasses, and outfits that could have been put together by a celebrity stylist. So if looking suspiciously posh for a nanny is an indication of guilt, then maybe Ouzounian really IS the reason behind Affleck and Garner's split. Check her out:

christine ouzounian

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But maybe there's a simpler explanation here -- maybe Ouzounian just doesn't want to look bad in pictures she knows full well are going to be all over the Internet, not to mention every newstand. If I were in her situation (and had the cash to spend on clothes/hair/makeup, which she probably does, because nannies-to-the-stars tend to make BANK), I'd probably be doing the same thing. I mean, if you're gonna get branded as the harlot who broke up America's sweetheart and the guy from Gone Girl, you might as well look good doing it, right? And as for the "crisis PR team" Ouzounian hired, well, I don't blame her for that either. What is she supposed to do, field every phone call accusing her of destroying a family all by herself? No thanks. This has got to be a bizarre time for the girl -- guilty or not. And maybe the possibility of getting dragged into a scandal is just the risk you take when you get involved -- on any level -- with celebrities, but still, the whole thing must have come as a shock on some level. 

I hope the rumors aren't true, mostly because that would just be such a HUGE cliché. (I mean, THE NANNY?? Come on, Ben.) But either way, Ouzounian isn't really the guiltiest party involved, is she? After all, SHE wasn't married. Just sayin'.


Images via Brandon Voight / Splash News/ Splash News

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