Drew Barrymore Opens Up About Indecision Over Having Another Baby (And Every Mom Can Relate!)

drew barrymoreCould Drew Barrymore be thinking of having another baby? The star seems to have it all already: A happy marriage (to Will Kopelman), two gorgeous daughters (Olive, 2, and Frankie, 15 months), and an amazing career. But that doesn't mean her family's complete just yet ... 


In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Barrymore admitted that she hasn't totally ruled out the possibility of adding another baby into the mix, saying:

"I think I'm good right now, but I don't know."

"The door's open, but I'm no spring chicken," the 40-year-old mama added. "I have to figure it out sooner or later."

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What mom of a certain age can't relate to that one? No doubt Barrymore feels like her plate is already pretty full (because it is!), and it's got to be nearly impossible for her to wrap her head around the idea of having another baby when she's got two toddlers to deal with already. Then again, she clearly loves being a mom, and if she's going to have another baby (the old-fashioned way, at least), time is starting to run out. It's a dilemma so many moms today face, and it's nice to see a celebrity open up about this challenge (even if she does happen to be one of the most down-to-earth celebs around). But her next remarks, about motherhood in general, were even more relatable:

 "[I'm always surprised at] how intense of an internal battle it always is," she said of motherhood. "You will never be the same again. So trying to get back to your old self in any way, whether it's like, 'I'm back to work and I'll go back to the person I was at my office!' you're not the same. You're forever changed."

"It's a new you and it's a new set of mountains to climb," she continued. "But they're wonderful and I wouldn't trade them for anything."

An intense internal battle? Truer words were never spoken -- particularly by a rich and famous type. As much of a sunshine-and-rainbows-type person as Barrymore can be, I love how honest she is about the real challenges we face when we become moms -- we are "forever changed," and there's no point in pretending otherwise. Kudos to Barrymore for figuring that out, and speaking out about it!

Oh, and here's hoping Barrymore DOES have another baby -- because the two she's already got are too adorable for words!


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