Kate Middleton & Prince William's New Royal Parenting Tactics Make Us Love Them Even More

william kate middleton george charlotteBeing royal comes with a lot of perks, but some of those benefits could make a kid grow up to be a massive brat. Princess Diana expertly was able to raise her kids -- Will and Harry -- without the snobbery that could come from being a prince. Will and Kate's parenting style is very similar -- they are making sure that while they are privileged, their prince and princess remain humble.


According to OK! magazine, Will and Kate want to make sure the kids feel that their play spaces are exactly that -- play spaces, areas they can mess up, have fun in, and be kids. They were worried that some of the gifts they received are too fancy and they "don't want their children thinking this is normal." A trip to IKEA's kids department should solve that!

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They are also not subscribing to the thought that Prince George should be treated as a king. Rumor has it that little Georgie was gifted 774 prezzies last year -- by adoring fans. My goodness! Will and Kate don't want George to think that every time he walks outside, he will get a toy handed to him. Could you imagine?!? I don't like taking my kids to the grocery store because there are two aisles of toys. TOYS! Right near where the bread is! How is any parent supposed to get shopping done with a toy section in the supermarket!?!? Will and Kate are doing their best to make sure George is gracious when getting gifts -- something they will do with Charlotte, too.

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William clearly learned a lot from his mom, Princess Diana, who reportedly "was always shunning traditions so they could just 'be kids'" -- this is top priority for this sweet family. With Kate's kind and humble ways, I'm sure they will raise the most wonderful typical kids.


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