15 Crazy Concert Mishaps & Missteps (PHOTOS)

Michele Marin | Jul 30, 2015 Celebrities
15 Crazy Concert Mishaps & Missteps (PHOTOS)

The best concerts pack powerful pyrotechnics, complicated choreography, and sophisticated staging, so when things go wrong, it shouldn't be a huge surprise. Even with the most executed planning, things go awry, and every once in a while, a major concert mishap becomes the most memorable part of the show. 



Check out the following concerts where major mishaps and missteps turned musical performances into historic events. Can you say, "Oops!"

Image © Boston Herald/Splash News/Corbis

  • Lady Gaga


    Image © Marco Piraccini/Corbis

    Not even a concussion can stop Lady Gaga! While performing in Auckland, New Zealand, Gaga received a blow to the head by a metal pole. She played through the pain, and later went to the hospital. Talk about having a poker face.

  • Beyonce


    Image © Splash News/Corbis

    Bey is known for her grace and poise, even while crossing the stage with her crazy dance moves. But even the most precise performer can take a dive. Beyonce lost her balance while walking up a flight of stairs and landed on her face during a concert in Lisbon, Portugal. She stood up and continued to perform, albeit with a bruised face and ego!

  • Justin Bieber


    Image © Splash News/Corbis

    Got milk? The Beebs did -- and concertgoers got to see it all come up! Justin Bieber is a fan of milk, and apparently drinks a lot of it! That's not such a good idea before dancing around on stage. The singer has thrown up in the middle of a concert not once, but twice! Both times he kept right on singing, no doubt feeling a lot better. 

  • Pink


    Image © Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash/Corbis

    It wasn't just "Glitter in the Air," at Pink's performance in Nurnberg, Germany. It was more like, Pink in the air! When the songstress was performing this hit song while simultaneously showing off her trapeze skills, she fell from her harness and hit a metal barricade. She was rushed to the hospital, but later sent a tweet to fans "hoping it at least looked cool."

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  • Michael Jackson


    Image © Aflo/Corbis

    If you're over 40, you probably remember Michael Jackson's notorious Pepsi commercial, when things got a little "hairy." The singer suffered second-degree burns when his hair caught on fire due to special effects.

  • Britney Spears


    Image © Axelle/Bauergriffen.com/Corbis

    This pop princess gave a shoutout to her Sacramento audience during a concert in 2009. The only problem? She was in San Jose. In the singer's defense, it's probably hard to keep your cities straight when your tour visits a different one each night.  Life on the road!

  • Millie Vanilli


    Image © Andreas Lander/Corbis

    Go ahead and "blame it on the rain" if you want to, but a certain lip sync debacle cost Milli Vanilli a Grammy. When the backing track skipped, fans were disheartened to find out that the group was not actually singing the song.

  • Faith Hill


    Image © Jared Milgrim/Corbis

    Don't mess with this country girl's man. Faith Hill was anything but amused when a fan grabbed husband Tim McGraw's "package" as he walked off stage during the couple's Soul2Soul tour. The country crooner gave the gal a piece of her mind while onstage, telling her to have some class. Thank goodness McGraw has Faith!

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  • Ozzy Ozbourne


    Image © Mauricio Santana/Corbis

    Now this is just bat poop crazy! Rocker Ozzy Osbourne famously bit the head off a bat that a fan threw on stage during a concert in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1982. Osbourne claims that he thought it was a rubber bat, but this was during the height of his drug days, so maybe things were a little hazy for the rocker. Ozbourne suffered a bite as a result of the batty incident.

  • Selena Gomez


    Image © Splash News/Corbis

    While dancing on stage at a 103.3 AMP Radio Birthday Bash in Boston, Gomez's skirt split right in the front. Her nude-colored panties were clearly visible, but the pop star continued to perform, no doubt a little embarrassed. Good thing this wardrobe malfunction was G-rated (for the most part). 

  • Miguel


    Image © Matt Rourke/Corbis

    At the Billboard Music Awards in 2013, singer Miguel was performing on stage when he suddenly slipped and fell right into the audience members rocking out near the stage. One disgruntled fan ended up suing the performer and the hotel for injuries.  

  • Janet Jackson


    Image © Boston Herald/Splash News/Corbis

    In perhaps the most memorable Super Bowl performance of all time, Jackson bared one of her famous boobs to the world, and halftime shows haven't been the same since. A young Justin Timberlake was responsible for the big reveal. As 90 million viewers watched, he pulled off Jackson's sexy top and there, staring right at them, was Jackson's left breast.

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  • The Who


    Image © Splash News/Corbis

    While the rock band The Who was performing in San Francisco, drummer Keith Moon must have thought it was a good idea to wash down horse tranquilizers with a bit of brandy. (Huh?) Not suprisingly, he couldn't finish the concert, so an audience member filled in for him. Guess he couldn't stop horsing around.

  • Rolling Stones


    Image © Andy Martin Jr./Corbis

    At California's Altamont Speedway in 1969, the Rolling Stones hired members of the Hell's Angel Motorcycle Gang to act as security. After a brawl broke out with a member of the club, one person was killed and several injured. This one should go on the list of "What Not to Do When Hiring Concert Security."

  • Jimmy Buffett


    Image © Splash News/ Corbis

    Sydney, Australia, fans were taken aback when Buffet fell off stage during his 2011 concert. He was knocked unconscious and spent the night in the hospital. Luckily for this "Margaritaville" singer, he was released the next day.

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