Details of Kris Jenner's First Meeting With Caitlyn Jenner Are Pretty Heartbreaking

The more things change, the more they stay the same. When Kris Jenner met Caitlyn Jenner for the first time after her transition, they reportedly behaved the same way they did when they were together: They argued and bickered like an "old married couple."


After meeting for the first time, Caitlyn and Kris didn't hug it out, according to sources. Instead, they reportedly engaged in a good, old-fashioned screaming match.

"Cait still has a lot of resentment about how Kris treated her in the marriage. They argued quite a bit almost as if they were an old married couple," a source reportedly told "Lots of tears were shed by both Kris and Caitlyn and they both aired out their hurt feelings."

Everyone knows there's a lot of tension between Caitlyn and Kris -- we sensed it way before she came out as transgender, when she was still living as Bruce in Keeping Up With the Kardashians and made the call to move to her Malibu home to get away from all of the publicity and Kris-generated madness in Calabasas. I'm not sure what people thought would happen after Caitlyn revealed her authentic self in early June, but Kris didn't automatically smack herself in the head and go, "Oh, this all makes sense now! No hard feelings!" It isn't reasonable to believe it wouldn't be difficult for her to accept.

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Since her transition, Kris has been notoriously quiet about Caitlyn, occasionally praising her a few days too late (after her ESPY speech, for example), but mostly staying silent and allowing her children to take center stage and work through their feelings about Caitlyn.

She has taken a lot of heat for not being more supportive, but I think people forget that she's only human. She has emotions, too, and I'm sure it wasn't easy for her to feel as if she lived with a person who had an enormous secret -- one she didn't feel comfortable enough discussing with the person with whom she was most intimate.

I know Kris can be too much to handle at times. But I think she deserves more compassion -- this can't be easy for anyone in their family, including Caitlyn's ex-wife and the mother of her children.


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