Is the Duggar Family Hiding Child No. 20? You Have to See This (PHOTO)

There are 19 Duggar kids (and counting), so it feels like we've seen all the genetic combinations Jim Bob and Michelle can offer. But to remind ourselves that there are always more, we merged the faces of some of the Duggar daughters after seeing Fusion's mash-up of past Bachelorettes. Just to see. You know, for fun.


The results are a deeply unsettling, if only because this Jill/Jessa/Jinger/Jana combo looks ... exactly like a Duggar. Check her out:

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Terrifying, right? It's eerie how much she looks like she could really be one of the sisters. Is this what some of the younger daughters will grow up to look like?? Could be ...

It's mostly kind of creepy because this girl doesn't really exist, but of course she's still gorgeous. Of course, how could she not be with such beautiful source material? The Duggar women are stunning, so it just makes sense that they'd be stunning when combined together. It's just strange, is all!

We used the Multi Face Blender app to get this photo. Now, if anyone has more time on their hands, we'd love to see what ALL the Duggar children look like combined together ...


Image via duggarfam/Instagram

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