Kim Kardashian Becomes Audrey Hepburn & Marie Antoinette in Short Film & It's Super Weird (VIDEO)

People have been talking about leaked images from Kim Kardashian's Hype Energy Drink photo shoot for quite some time with mixed reviews. The cornrows, the Audrey Hepburn look, channeling Marie Antoinette -- how does it all come together? Well, now we know.


The energy-drink purveyors released a short film, which includes Kim donning all of the aforementioned looks, and while we thought this would give us some answers as to the theme, all it has really done is open up so many more questions.

The clip starts out innocently enough, with "Audrey" Kim riding a bike containing a basket filled with Hype. She looks absolutely adorable -- the look totally suits her. And then, well, then it gets really weird.

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Cut to Kim hitting a bump in the road and getting thrown from the bike. She hits her head and becomes ... Marie Antoinette?

This is the part we really don't get. Again, the Marie Antoinette look is totally cool, but what's its purpose? Kim offers the camera long, slow glances and then takes a sip of a beverage (we're assuming it's Hype Energy) out of elegant crystal glassware.

Next thing you know "Audrey" Kim is awake! And then it cuts to a kind of butt-kicking Kim. Then, thankfully, it's over.

Kim pulled off her part in all of this flawlessly -- she looks amazing and was an incredible sport. But if someone could explain the director's vision to us, we would really appreciate it.

Please and thank you.


Image via Photographer Group/Splash News

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