Kourtney Kardashian's Joint Custody Arrangement With Scott Disick Comes With a Catch

kourtney kardashianWhen it comes to her breakup with Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian isn't leaving anything to chance. After it was reported that Kourtney wants joint custody with Scott so their three children can have a meaningful relationship with their father, it's come out that there will be a few stipulations to Scott's time with his kids. According to Hollywood Life, Kourtney doesn't want Scott driving with the kids.


A source claims, "Kourtney is not taking any chances with her children’s safety. If Scott wants to be with the kids, then he needs a driver. This is just the beginning of arrangements that Kourtney is putting into place. So in addition to having a nanny watch over the kids when they are with Scott, and especially when they are at his house, a driver needs to be on hand at all times."

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Might sound harsh, but bottom line, they're her children and in no way can we criticize her for doing everything she can to keep them safe. In fact, this type of arrangement is the best of both worlds: Scott gets to see his kids, and Kourtney can rest easy knowing they're safe. 

Scott may be a good dad when he's with his kids, but he can't deny the fact that he doesn't exactly have a good track record. It's no surprise at all actually that Kourtney wouldn't feel comfortable when her kids were alone with him. 

The fact that Kourtney isn't gunning for full custody shows how mature she is and how she's putting her children first. There likely will be kinks that will need working out along the way, but it sounds like she knows exactly what she wants.

And if Scott has a problem with that, he should have thought about his actions in the first place. 


Image via kourtneykardash/Instagram 

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