10 Times Athletes Were Upstaged by Their Adorable Offspring (VIDEOS)

Riley and Steph CurryBeing the child of a star athlete has to have its perks! From front row seats to stealing the spotlight at press conferences, some of these adorable tots have their own devoted fans because they're just that cute!


How adorable is little Riley Curry, who does her best to upstage her Golden State Warriors MVP dad, Stephen Curry. Check her out:

Let's try that again.

Though proud, Andre Iguodala's son thinks he may want to work on those free throws! 

Chris Paul's son does a spot-on Blake Griffin impression you have to see to believe: 

Chicago Bull Derrick Rose has a little mini-me who's more than ready to compete!

David Beckham held an adorable impromptu practice with his sons in a London park. Needless to say, the boys seem to be taking after their dear old dad.

Who wouldn't want to party with Koji Uehara's Kaz? 

At his uncle's final game, Derrick Jeter's nephew tipped his hat to the longtime Yankees captain. So sweet.

Tiger Woods has some pretty cute caddies -- his kids Charlie and Sam.

Super Bowl XLIX MVP Tom Brady had his son Benjamin with him to celebrate the New England Patriots' victory. Someone seems awfully comfortable holding that Vince Lombardi trophy!


Image via NBA/YouTube 

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