Khloe Kardashian Poses in a Bra & Hot Pants -- We're Blown Away (PHOTO)

Khloe Kardashian has never looked better -- boasting a killer body and impressive confidence, which she put on full display in a photo shoot for Complex magazine.


But just when we thought we had seen all of the gorgeous shots from the men's mag feature, Khloe posted this gem of an image to her Instagram.

Damn, girl!

Khloe thanks big sister Kim for insisting she do the sexy shoot, something she admits she had been putting off because she feared putting herself out there. Ummm ... if you've got it, flaunt, honey! And Khloe has most definitely got it.

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The youngest Kardashian sister has long been serious about her workouts, and now we can truly see the results of her hard labor. I think if I had Khloe's body I would just hang out at the Bikram yoga studio all day in that very get-up. Sexy bra, hot pants, and all. (Oh come on, you know you would too.)


Image via Photographer Group/Splash News

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