Is Jessa Duggar Taking a Pregnancy Risk By Traveling on Her Next Tour?

We all knew it, but now it's confirmed: No scandal or cancellation can stop the Duggars from doing their Duggar thing. We don't really expect any of them to sit quietly on their hands for long, and it looks like Jessa will be the first one up and out in public since being canceled by TLC: Southern Women's Shows announced that Jessa and Ben Seewald will join them for four tour stops in the next few months.


Jessa will be joining The Bachelorette's Britt Nilsson and "clean" Christian Comedienne Joy, among some other Southern celebs for the tour. Jessa is planning on attending for four dates: August 29 in Charlotte, North Carolina; September 26 in Orlando, Florida; October 10 in Birmingham, Alabama; and October 17 in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Can we talk about how close to her due date that is?? She'll be more than nine months pregnant by October 17 (she's due on November 1), but I guess she's banking on the idea that she won't be totally immobile. Jill was also out and about just days before she gave birth to Israel, and if one Duggar sister does it, then the other will too. Or something.

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It looks like the conference won't let Jessa do anything too strenuous -- it's a Q&A style event, and the Qs are limited to her wedding, her marriage, and her pregnancy. Basically, don't ask her anything about being a molestation victim.

Of course, they're preemptively limiting the talk to boring topics, presumably to avoid controversy. Are you thinking that it's too late for that? You're probably right. But then again, the group of people who would pay to go to a Q&A with Jessa Duggar is probably the same group that decided a long time ago to look past this whole scandal thing. 

In any case, the fact that the Duggars are going to continue to go out and preach things despite their troubles this past year says something about the strength of the family. So good luck, Jessa! And take a car there.


Image via jessaseewald/Instagram

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