Kourtney Kardashian Makes a Custody Move We Never Saw Coming

kourtney kardashianWait, what? A few days ago, we heard that Kourtney Kardashian hired a top attorney and was gunning for full custody of her three kids. But now, according to TMZ, Kourtney wants to reach a formal join custody agreement with baby daddy Scott Disick ... for the sake of the kids. Talk about classy.


A Kardashian insider said that Kourtney thinks it's important for her three children -- Mason, Penelope, and Reign -- to have a real, meaningful relationship with their father and wants them all to spend a significant amount of time with him. In fact, the top attorney Kourtney met with is even known for usually pushing for joint custody. Who knew?!

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Kourtney and Scott may not have been meant for each other (ever), and their relationship seems to have come to an end in a pretty crappy way, but at the end of the day, both sides -- or at least Kourtney -- have been handling everything with the kids at the forefront of her mind. Way to go.

A small part of me wants things to work out with Kourtney and Scott for the sake of their children, but like I said, they weren't very good for each other and if they can work something out where they both get to spend adequate time with their children, that's probably for the best. Here's to hoping they stay civil.


Image via kourtneykard/Instagram 

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