Royal Bodyguards Spill Crazy Secrets About Kate Middleton, Prince William & the Royal Crew

The royal family is a mysterious crew -- until those who perhaps know them best, their royal bodyguards, reportedly spill major secrets about Kate Middleton, Prince Will, Prince Harry, and even Pippa Middleton to Star magazine.


Take what you're about to read with not just a grain of salt but with the entire salt shaker, because it's a doozy.

Apparently, a few of the royals' most trusted bodyguards have either all found much better jobs at the exact same time or are totally willing to risk their employment, because they've gotten together to write a tell-all article about the duchess and her family members. I give you their top revelations, in order of unbelievability.

1. Kate Middleton likes to pole dance. The Duchess of Cambridge and mom-of-two has found a way to stay in shape and it reportedly involves swinging from a stripper's pole. She took a few lessons for a laugh, according to one source, but disguised herself by wearing a scarf around her head (because no one knows what her face looks like?). Now she apparently can't get enough of her new hobby. There's no way on Earth I'm buying this one.

2. Pippa Middleton wants to appear on Dancing with the Stars. Kate's little sister is so smitten with the idea that she has reportedly contacted Derek Hough and asked to partner with him on the show. The palace is not amused, sources say, because they fear Pippa is going to make Kate look like a commoner. I'm not sure if this one is true, but God, I hope so.

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3. Prince George plays with a whoopie cushion. Uncle Harry reportedly gifted his little nephew with a whoopie cushion and the toddler (with the help of his nanny) loves to place it on chairs and wait for unknowing victims to sit down. He's 2, so sure, this could be true.

4. Prince Will does charity work in disguise. Totally believe this one. Will reportedly puts on a wig and volunteers his time at homeless shelters. Given his new job as an air ambulance pilot, I can picture him going out of his way to give back to people in need.

5. Prince Harry likes to tattoo ... his butt. The rebel in the family isn't so rebellious after all because his bodyguards say he'll only use temporary tats, but yeah, they've revealed that he reportedly likes to stick them on his butt. How they'd know such a thing -- not sure. Would it shock me if it were true? Not in the least.


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