Kylie Jenner's New Ring Sure Looks a Lot Like a Wedding Band (PHOTO)

kylie jennerI don't think anyone would deny the fact that Kylie Jenner has grown up incredibly fast. But now fans think that the reality star has taken things one step further by going and getting married. After Kylie posted a pic of herself wearing a ring on her ring finger, rumors started flying that she and Tyga tied the knot. Please God no.


Here's the pic that Kylie posted. As you can see, she has a wedding-style ring on her left ring finger.

king kylie

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Could it be a wedding band? Perhaps. But, Kylie also has on about 10 more pounds of jewelry in the pic, so really, she could just be wearing a regular ol' ring. Is it really that strange to wear a ring on your left ring finger when you're not engaged or married these days? Clearly, I'm not up on this kind of etiquette.

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On Sunday's premiere episode of I Am Cait, Caitlyn showed Kylie a picture of her grandmother when she was 17 and mentioned that she was already married then. "Kind of like me," Kylie seemingly joked to her dad. Well, let's hope she's joking! Her being just 17 aside, she and Tyga haven't even been together all that long. Marriage sounds like a terrible idea for the two of them right now.

At the end of the day, nothing really surprises people when it comes to the Kardashian-Jenner clan anymore. But, I think we're all in agreement that a Kylie Jenner–Tyga wedding at this point would be up there with one of the family's worst ideas. Don't do it, Kylie. Not now at least. 


Image via kyliejenner/Instagram

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