Jessa Duggar's Latest Photo of Husband Ben Seewald Flaunts Offensive T-Shirt (PHOTO)

Jessa and Ben Seewald are coming up on their two-year courting anniversary, and if Jessa's most recent Instagram is any indication, the two are still happy and in love. That's great, really. But if you look closely, Jessa's Instagram also seems to be intentionally stirring up controversy, and that's ... less great.


First, the picture. It's cute, right? #ManCrushMondays, "I love you" signs, emojis, the whole deal:

My man crush everyday! � @ben_seewald

A photo posted by Jessa Seewald (@jessaseewald) on

Buuuttt then we get to his shirt. I'm filling in the blanks here, but it looks like this says, "I survived Roe vs. WadeRoe vs. Wade will not survive me. Stand True." I added all the punctuation, by the way, because the shirt itself has none.

Stand True is, if you didn't figure it out, a pro-life outreach program. And you'd think that since their entire existence is based on one Supreme Court case, they'd know that court cases are always (ALWAYS!) written with a "v." for versus, not "vs." Literally always. It has never, not once, been "vs."

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Okay, their incompetency aside, let's talk about the shirt. It's bold, but the Duggars have never been scared of taking strong opinions and standing by them to the point of idiocy. Which is noble, in a way.

We also have known for a while that Jessa and the Duggars are pro-life. But Ben? Ben does not have a place in this conversation!! That's the worst thing. Wherever you stand on the abortion issue aside, having men who are not doctors talk about this like they know anything about pregnancy or motherhood is absurd. 

As a man, your opinion on abortion has a place in your personal relationships. But it doesn't belong in the public conversation, and it certainly doesn't belong in any woman's decision.

If Jessa were wearing that shirt, I'd be happier with it. Sort of.


Image via jessaseewald/Instagram

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