David Beckham Gets Another Tattoo for Daughter Harper (PHOTO)

David BeckhamWe thought David Beckham couldn't get any sweeter with the collection of meaningful tatoos on his oh-so-perfect body. But he just proved us wrong. The soccer star has added the most loving tattoo tribute to daughter Harper in honor of her fourth birthday.


Becks, whose fresh ink also includes a 15th wedding anniversary message to wife Victoria, is seriously making us melt.

Adding "pretty lady" with a little heart over Harper's name (which he already had inked just above his collarbone) is just the sweetest way to celebrate his daughter -- and you know being the youngest of four and the only girl in his brood definitely makes her daddy's little girl!

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I have to wonder though, with all those tattoos, David has to be running out of room! What's he going to do to honor his fam when that happens?


Image via DavidBeckham/Instagram

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