Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton Are Trying Too Hard, Too Soon to Be Friendly Exes

This ain't your mama's broken heart! Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton have been on some sort of Twitter lovefest together, just days after finalizing their sudden and unexpected divorce. They were tweeting at each other late last week, acting like their marriage didn't just fall apart and basically confusing the heck out of us.


These two seemed so solid that we were shocked to learn earlier this month that they were calling it quits. Then their divorce was finalized days after the news broke, and just weeks after Shelton filed the paperwork. We took it kind of hard and tried to make sense of what just happened to one of our favorite country music couples.

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To add to our confusion even more, Blake and Miranda sent out a series of almost lovey-dovey tweets late last week, making it seem like everything is just peachy keen between the brand-new exes. First he sent out a casual tweet to his estranged wife, mentioning their mutual friend, fellow country singer Ashley Monroe.

Random, right? Casual conversation between exes is usually reserved for months or years after the fact, when everyone has had a chance to heal and move on.

Miranda tweeted right back him, though:

A fan jumped in to speculate that the tweets may have been prescheduled. Shelton responded that they were not.

Another fan said that they were "losing respect" for the "whole charade," and Shelton quipped back, "Rest assured not one sh!t is given." Whoa!

Then things got really weird, when Miranda started ribbing Blake about being pregnant after he was snapped pushing a stroller last week. This one is especially bizarre, considering that one of the rumors floating around about their split had to do with different ideas about family planning.

Shelton responded back, "Ha!!!!! Busted... I wasn't JUST a fat ass. Drinking shall now begin..."

The whole thing seems like they're trying too hard too appear to be friends. It's OK to take some time after a divorce to reflect on the loss, ignore your ex, and move on naturally. They don't have to force it.


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