Whitney Houston Fanpage's Heartfelt Tribute to Bobbi Kristina Brown Is Gut-Wrenching (PHOTO)

whitney houston bobbi kristinaOne of the greatest loves of all is one a mother and child share. When Bobbi Kristina Brown lost her mother suddenly and tragically, it had to be one of the most difficult things for her to endure. Sadly, now the Houston and Brown family are dealing with the heartbreaking loss of Bobbi Kristina at 22 years old. The Official Whitney Houston Facebook page shared a precious photo of Whitney and Bobbi Kristina with a message that will bring tears to your eyes.


Here is the beautiful photo and message below:

It is hard to say goodbye. On Sunday, July 26, Bobbi Kristina Brown made her transition peacefully. The family thanks...

Posted by Whitney Houston on Sunday, July 26, 2015

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"The wind is behind me and the sun is in my face." That sentiment is sending chills through me. We can translate it as she is being propelled forward, smiling as she moves into the light. To heaven. But when I see her quote with this photo of her as a baby with her mother, it's her mom Whitney that is the sun in her face. Her mother is her light, the sun in her face. Bobbi Kristina has gone home to be with her mother. That love, that bond, never goes away. They live forever in each other's heart and soul -- and in the hearts and souls of those that loved them both so dearly.

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In late January, Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious in a bathtub in her home. It was startling that this was the same way her mother had accidentally passed on. Bobbi Kristina was placed in a medically induced coma in hopes she would make it. It's heartbreaking that she did not. She had a lot of struggles and perhaps none as great as dealing with the untimely loss of her mother. We have to think of her with softness in our hearts, with empathy and kind thoughts. She is someone's daughter, someone's granddaughter, and she was so loved. May she rest in peace with her beautiful mama as the sun on her face.


Image via Derek Storm/Splash News

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