Kylie Jenner Outrages Fans by Wearing Shirt With Highly Vulgar Message (PHOTO)

kylie jennerAlright. Kylie Jenner has officially taken things too far. The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan -- who certainly has a penchant for the risqué -- posted a weird video to her Snapchat of herself dancing around to Future's song "Rich $ex." But, that's not the "too far" part. It's the vulgar message on the shirt Kylie wore in the video that has people outraged.


In the video, Kylie is wearing a shirt that says "eat me out" on it. Dude!

Even though everyone is pretty used to Kylie and her antics, fans seemed relatively shocked -- and not in a good way -- at the shirt Kylie chose to wore. I mean, seriously, Kylie, what were you thinking?! You're 17! 

Fact is, most of Kylie's fans are a lot younger than she is -- and for the love of god, we don't need a bunch of 13-year-olds walking around in shirts with messages like this.

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It really doesn't seem like Kylie thinks too long and hard before posting anything to Instagram or her Snapchat -- hence the fact that there are about eight videos of her in this outfit on there. But, geez, is Kris Jenner seeing what her daughter is doing? Wearing tight shirts and short skirts are one thing (I guess). Wearing a shirt with a vulgar message like this is quite another. 

I know I'm significantly older than Kylie, but I really just don't get her Snapchat. Posting a few videos of yourself throughout the day, okay fine. But, essentially documenting your entire day morning 'til night seven days a week? Sounds exhausting.

Kylie, change your shirt please. And Kris? Might be time to have a talking-to with your daughter. Just a suggestion.


Image via kyliejenner/Instagram 

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