Caitlyn Jenner Details Extreme Lengths She Took to Hide From the World in New Behind-the Scenes Video

Considering how modern-day celebrities have to deal with 24/7 paparazzi stalking, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, it's a miracle photos of Caitlyn Jenner weren't leaked online prior to her iconic June Vanity Fair cover. As it turns out, that wasn't just a lucky break -- a new, behind-the-scenes Vanity Fair video reveals Caitlyn had to take major steps to ensure her secret was kept safe from the public until the ideal moment.


The 65-year-old had waited a lifetime to come out as her authentic self, but in order to create a meaningful discussion about transgender issues, it was important that she be patient and allow the VF cover story, entitled "Call Me Caitlyn," to come out at the same time. The Kardashian/Jenner family is trailed by paparazzi and fans when they go out to get milk, so you can imagine how difficult it was for Jenner to hide while experiencing this incredible physical and emotional transformation.

On Sunday, Vanity Fair released a candid, behind-the-scenes video clip from Caitlyn's photo shoot. It came out on the same day as her groundbreaking docuseries I Am Cait and she explains the challenges she faced during the lead-up to her cover story:

I've basically been inside this house for three months. I haven't really left. It's difficult because I can't go out and be seen by the paparazzi. It was just hell. It was really, really tough on me.

Check out the rest of the clip, which includes an interview with VF editor Graydon Carter.


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It's amazing to think about all of the security precautions the publication had to take to ensure Caitlyn's story and photos wouldn't appear online -- all of the photos and text were put onto one computer that was used off-line and several people had to work from the same computer each day. Managing editor Ellen Kiell actually flew to Kentucky with the finished files to hand-deliver them to the printing company -- and both the printer and photo shoot were guarded by a security team.

They pulled it off and Caitlyn's was the story of the year -- one told with a great deal of respect. Bravo to everyone involved. Timing is everything and, in her case, the timing was perfect.


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