'I Am Cait' Recap: Caitlyn Jenner's Mother Meets Her Post-Transition for the First Time

The premiere of I Am Cait, E!'s limited docuseries chronicling Caitlyn Jenner's transition to female, is finally here, and it started with a huge moment in Caitlyn's new life: meeting her family for the first time as her true self. 


As the first episode kicks off, Caitlyn's mom, Esther, comes to her house with Cait's sister, and it's obvious that Caitlyn's nervous about Esther accepting her -- and that Esther is struggling with adjusting to having a daughter instead of a son.

"You always have doubts in your mind about how that first impression will work out," Caitlyn said as she waited for her family to show up. "I'm just hoping for the best." 

While chatting in Caitlyn's Malibu pad, Caitlyn's sisters admitted that whie she'd confessed how she felt years ago, they thought that after therapy, she'd "gotten over" it, even though that's clearly not the case. 

It wasn't smooth sailing, exactly, since Esther seemed to have had a hard time getting used to the idea of Caitlyn as a person, as well as coping with the fact that her child had been struggling without her knowledge, like any mom would. "I never knew," she said. "I never guessed you were having problems. You hid it very well." 

There is a happy ending, though. Regardless of how difficult the transition will be for the entire family, Esther seems willing to do whatever she needs to in order to support Caitlyn. She even admitted that she was more proud of her for transitioning than she was when she won her Olympic gold medal.

"I love Bruce," she said tearfully. "That'll never change. "

I'm so glad to see that Caitlyn has that kind of support in her life, especially at a time when she needs it like she does now. I'm looking forward to seeing Caitlyn's relationship with her mom grow now that she's able to live as her true self, and I have a feeling that's exactly what's going to happen.


Image via James White/E! 

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