Kristen Bell Does Amazingly Sweet Thing for Young 'Frozen' Fan With Cancer (VIDEO)

kristen bellHave you broken down sobbing yet today? No? Well, you will -- just as soon as you hear what Frozen's Kristen Bell did for a Princess Anna–obsessed little girl with cancer


Six-year-old Avery Huffman was recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor -- a heartbreaking challenge for her entire family. Her parents have been coping by blogging about their struggles on CaringBridge. From their posts, it's clear that Avery is an incredibly brave girl; it's also clear that she absolutely loooooooves the movie Frozen -- particularly Princess Anna, voiced by Kristen Bell.

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Bell -- a mother-of-two herself -- happens to know a friend of the Huffman family, and when she heard about Avery's illness, she wanted to help ... so she recorded a voicemail for the girl in Princess Anna's voice praising her strength and naming her an honorary Princess of Arendelle! Get ready to get seriously choked up in 3, 2, 1 ...


So sweet!! The look on Avery's face when she finds out she's been crowned an honorary princess is beyond adorable (she seemed pretty excited to hear that Princess Anna knew all about her bunnies, too!). As a mom, I can't even begin to imagine the hell this family is going through -- watching your child suffer is the absolute worst thing ever. So for Kristen Bell to give Avery a moment of utter joy was such a tremendous gift. We can all only hope and pray that she gets well soon, and that her life is filled with many, many more joyful moments like this one. (We can all also hope that more celebs follow Bell's lead and take the time to make their fans' lives better!)

We're pulling for you, Avery!


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