Scott Disick Is Acting Like Somebody Who Wants His Family Back (And It Might Work)

scott disickWhat happens in Vegas ... sometimes is pretty low-key, apparently, especially if you're a newly single bad boy who's trying to prove to his ex (and the world) that he isn't the worst boyfriend/dad ever -- or to be more specific, Scott Disick!


The reality star raised eyebrows on Friday when he showed up to host a Vegas party at Mirage's 1 OAK, particularly since he posted a picture to Instagram earlier that very same day which seemed to suggest he was taking some time out for quiet reflection:

This is what I need right now

A photo posted by Scott Disick (@letthelordbewithyou) on

Hey, whaddya know, Scott? Chilling out on a beautiful beach with a magazine is "what I need right now" too! (But since Kourtney Kardashian isn't paying to raise my three kids, I guess I'm outta luck.) Ahem.

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Anyway, what we were talking about? Oh yeah, Scott Disick in Vegas. So naturally expectations were low when The Lord showed up to da club for his party-hosting gig (meaning expectations were high that he would do something stupid), but sources say Disick was professional and subdued, even going so far as to "ignore" a table of attractive women next to his. And when a reporter asked him how he was managing to "stay positive" following his split from Kourtney, his answer was sensible (if oddly worded): "You gotta take every day a day at time I guess, right?"

Wow, so maybe he really has changed this time HAHAHAHAHAHA. But seriously, sources also say that Kourtney might be reconsidering her decision to kick the father of her three children to the curb once and for all. As one such "source" disclosed to People:

Scott is not totally out of the picture. She hasn't made a final decision. Right now, she's just living day to day. She's not begging him to see the kids, but she also hasn't definitively said 'I'm never letting him back again.' For the first time, she's taking a hard look at what her new reality could look like. Before, she just assumed nothing would really change, but now there's a strong possibility of life without him, and that's a scary thought for her. She was doing most of the work already, but at the end of the day, she would still turn into a single mom of three kids.
Uh, YEAH she's been doing most of the work already. Understatement much? There's no doubt in my mind that Kourtney's life would be about eight million times easier without Scott, who makes about eight million times more work for her than the three kids ever could! That said, she clearly loves the guy (why else would she have put up with so much crap from him all these years?). And sometimes, you know, love conquers all. Or just compromises your judgment permanently. You know, same thing. 
Scott, Kourtney, and all three kids did manage to have lunch together at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Thursday, so, there's that. Just keep taking "every day a day at a time," guys!


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