Duggars Aren’t Going Down Without a Fight -- Plans to Sue Revealed

duggarsThe Duggars are not taking the demise of their empire without a fight. Newly released text messages show the Duggars' lawyer threatening an "embarrassing" lawsuit against the city of Springdale, Arkansas, for releasing documents about Josh Duggar's child molestation case.


The exchange from May, obtained by InTouch magazine through the Freedom of Information Act, is between the Duggar family attorney Kevin Crass and Mark Hayes, director of legal services for the Arkansas Municipal League. Crass tells Hayes, "I am a conservative defense lawyer and I don't see a defense of the chief's actions. If there is not a desire to resolve there will be an expensive (and embarrassing) lawsuit."

In another text message exchange, Hayes then tells the Springdale City Attorney Ernest Cate that the family intends to sue. "I suggested to family spokesman that if the family is considering litigation they would be well suited to open discussions with the city behind closed doors in light of there being so much out there prior to our release."

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Apparently Cate wasn't cowed. In an email to Hayes he scoffed at questions raised by FOX News. "So this is their strategy, that they are victims of some liberal conspiracy???"

(Oh dear, do we not remember where Hillary Clinton's "right-wing conspiracy" theory got her family?) 

But Washington County officials seem like they were scared. The County attorney Steve Zenga told prosecuting attorney Matt Durrett, "I think there's too much money and interest in this for us not to get sued."

And that's pretty much what this all comes down to: Money and interest. Even though InTouch obtained the city's documents legally the Duggars have too much at stake to take the hit gracefully. They're facing a possible lawsuit of their own from Josh's non-family victim, after all. They will find a way to recoup their losses somehow -- that's what lawyers are for, right?

Of course, all these exchanges are from May, just as the scandal was about to break. Are the Duggars still planning to sue? From what a family insider says, it sounds like that's still a possibility.

"The family fortune has taken a massive it," a family insider tells InTouch, "and they're fighting back against everyone." Whether it makes sense or not, and whether it further damages the family's reputation or not. "It smacks of desperation," the insider adds. Um, ya think?

But then, how else would you expect the Duggars to respond?


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