Charlie Hunnam Looks Hotter Than Ever In New Role as King Arthur (Photo)

Charlie HunnamThis summer has been hot, hot, hot ... but we don't think you'll mind that we're turning up the heat even more in anticipation of summer 2016. Because it's then that you'll get to see Charlie Hunnam take on the role of King Arthur -- and, well, just trust us, you want see to this.


Of course, this is not the same old King Arthur character you read about in middle school English class. Charlie is playing a scorching-hot action-hero version of the Shakespearean stud in a Guy Ritchie–directed adventure -- and Entertainment Weekly has the very first peek.

Sigh, those muscles, those smoldering eyes, those muscles! It's been tough not having our Charlie fix every week since Sons of Anarchy went off the air. So we're going to savor taking in what we can of Charlie as he smolders on his new set.

Even though the epic blockbuster is still a year away from hitting theaters, it definitely looks worth the wait! Excuse me while I go take a cold shower ...


Image via Splash News

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