TLC's Child Abuse Special Is a Great Idea, But the Duggars Spoil It

duggarsWhen TLC announced it was cancelling 19 Kids and Counting, they also said they would air a special on child sexual abuse. Now a source tells People magazine that two of Josh Duggar's victims, sisters Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald, will appear in the program.


Is that really such a good idea? From what we know so far, the point of the TLC special is to raise awareness of child sexual abuse and offer resources to families who need help. They're partnering with child protection organizations Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network and Darkness to Light

I don't think either of these organizations recommend the "pray it away" approach to child sexual abuse. And they're not all about keeping it a secret to protect your family's reputation, either. Aren't the Duggars kind of an example of exactly what NOT to do? How are they going to deal with that?

To be fair, in the Megyn Kelly interview, Seewald claimed the family did kind of deal with the abuse semi-openly. 

I think all the people in our lives, like our close friends and the people -- the officials -- that helped us, walked alongside the family during this time and walked us through some of our hardest days, they knew about this. It wasn't like a complete secret. People knew. They had walked us through this journey and we felt it was a done deal.

But what kind of officials did they work with? That one state trooper who failed to investigate? She doesn't mention any counselors or therapists, which is troubling. You're not supposed to get therapy from friends. And family members (parents) have a tendency to pressure their kids to keep quiet and just get over it.

Why aren't there plans to talk with Josh Duggar about why he molested five young girls, how he stopped doing that, and what he learned from the whole thing?

Will there be any statement by Jim Bob and Michelle on the program?

And what about what it means to be molested by an older sibling, one who's still a minor but old enough to know better ... that's extremely complicated! That opens up all kinds of sticky family dynamics you know the Duggars are going to want to gloss over.

So what's TLC going to do with that? 

And then there's the million-dollar question, the one making us all squirm: Will the Duggars be paid for this special?

Are Jim Bob and Michelle going to earn money from making their daughters go on television to tell the world how they're so over their sexual abuse at the hands of their brother? Are they exploiting their daughters to clear their family name and milk the cash cow one last time? Somebody please tell me no money will be exchanged over this special, because ... *shudder*

Otherwise I suspect the Duggars' involvement in the TLC special will benefit exactly no one except Jim Bob and Michelle. 


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