Katy Perry Joins Taylor Swift -Nicki Minaj Feud, But Why Exactly?

katy perryJust when we thought the dust had settled in the feud between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, Katy Perry started it back up again with a very pointed tweet. If we're all attacking Swift this week, she wants in on some of that!


Perry's tweet yesterday didn't mention anyone in particular, but I think we can all tell what she's talking about. 

So we get it -- Perry is saying it's hypocritical of Swift to accuse Minaj of pitting women against each other when that's what she's doing herself. 

Well, sure. We could play that game all day. I mean, isn't Perry doing the same by criticizing Swift? More "Bad Blood," anyone?

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There's maybe a smidgen of good intentions there in Perry's tweet, but there's another reason why it's kind of a nonstarter. Perry doesn't seem to get Minaj's point, either.

Minaj is complaining about the way her industry treats black female artists. She's asking, why do we put women like me into into the corner ("Best Hip Hop Video") and refuse to let us play on the big kids' stage ("Video of the Year")?

Minaj's video "Anaconda" was a major cultural phenomenon that got people talking and expanded our idea of what's hot. And Minaj is right to demand credit for that influence. That's what the music video awards are supposed to be about. 

When Minaj tells Swift, "I love you as much but you should speak on this" she's not talking about generic, color-blind feminism. She's talking about the intersection between feminism and race. She's asking Swift to use her power and influence to be an ally to women of color. And to do that, you have to get really specific. You have to actually use those words: Women of color, race, black women, curvy, etc. 

And then when Perry jumps in with her vague "pitting women against women" it's kind of weak of her.

Perry kind of addresses race in a later tweet where she drags Rihanna into the fight.

(Rihanna looks up from the mixing board and goes, "Wait, what??")

Keep going, Perry. Show us how you really feel about black women in music. Otherwise we'll have to assume you're just joining National Taylor Swift Backlash Week.


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