Camilla Parker Bowles' Son Opens Up About His Mom's Rumored Feud With Kate Middleton

If you believe all of the rumors surrounding Kate Middleton and the royal family, you might be wondering how she can stand to be around any of them because, clearly, she hates every last one of them. But Camilla Parker Bowles's son Tom Parker Bowles is (sort of) setting the record straight about Camilla's relationship with the Duchess of Cambridge.


In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Parker Bowles, 40, says he doesn't think there is any truth to the rumor that Kate and Camilla are often at odds with one another and that there's "tension." But then the food critic goes on to say, "Well, I can't guarantee for sure, but I think that's all bulls**t."

Hold on a minute. Does anyone in this family actually speak to anyone else? How does Parker Bowles not know for sure whether his mother has issues with Kate?

The rumors surrounding Kate and Camilla have been vicious. The duchess reportedly doesn't want her stepmother seeing her children because she and Will are angry at reports that Camilla cheated on Prince Charles. Meanwhile, Will and Harry's dad is reportedly upset because he feels Kate's family has taken over and he doesn't know what role he plays in the lives of George and Charlotte.

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If you add to all of this talk that Queen Elizabeth thinks Kate is lazy and not following through with her royal responsibilities and that Camilla apparently agrees she is ineffective, well jeez, I finally have a reason to thank my lucky stars that I wasn't born into royalty.

Will we ever know the truth about Camilla and Kate? It's unlikely, but with mysterious quotes like the one given by Parker Bowles's son, we're not any closer to finding out.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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