Paula Abdul & James Corden Remake 'Opposites Attract' & We Relive the '80s in All Its Glory (VIDEO)

Hello! I am a millennial. Most of what I know about Paula Abdul comes from her descent into darkness during her American Idol days, and while I've heard "Opposites Attract" before, it was probably on my Spotify '80s radio station. But I LOVE James Corden, and after watching his dance number with Paula Abdul on The Late Late Show this week, I have come to a major realization.


Millennials, while generally pretty great, are missing two things in our lives: Paula Abdul's dance moves and '80s music videos. I can admit that. So for all my millennials out there, please treat yourself to this video of Paula Abdul dancing around with a cartoon cat before you proceed:

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So that was amazing. Thanks, 1989! But my guess is that no ~older people~ watch as many YouTube clips of James Corden as I do, so you all are missing this:

Is it better than the original? I mean, James Cordon in suspenders and whiskers? That white flare body suit? Their awful lip singing? The DANCING?! It's terrific. Every bit of it.

would say it's better than the original, but what do I know? Let's not argue about this. Let's all go watch more Paula videos instead.


Image via The Late Late Show with James Corden/YouTube


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